ezFusor. The logical step.

ezFusor is a proprietary embedded system based on the AnestFusor© program designed and developed for controlling the infusion of anesthetic drugs. This system has been specifically developed, although not exclusively, to control Fresenius-Kabi´s A and Orchestra-based systems equipped with up to 3 DPS modules.

Some of the salient characteristics of ezFusor are:
- A 10.2´ TFT VGA 800x480 touch-screen.
- Up to fourty minutes battery backup independent from the backup of the modules.
- SD card and Ethernet ports for technical servicing, data recovery and online upgrades.
- Auto-off function.
- Forecast (decremental time function).
- Each case performed with ezFusor is logged in full detail using a proprietary encryption method. This log is only accessible by authorized technical personnel via the servicing port. This log works as a flight data recorder.

Contact us at infotec@smb.cl

SMB-Chile 2011